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Can You Be Fired For Having an Affair?

can you be fired for having an affair

Whether an employer can fire you for having an affair depends on the type of affair that’s involved. Having an extramarital affair is considered immoral, which is a valid basis for dismissal. However, in some states, if the extramarital affair was an affair with someone else, then the employer might be liable to a lawsuit.

If you’re in a job… Continue reading

Signs You Have a Bad Attitude

signs you have a bad attitude

If you’re a person who is unwilling to compromise and consider other people’s point of view, you probably have a bad attitude. While it’s part of being an adult to accept that things can go wrong, a bad attitude makes you react badly every time something goes wrong.


Aquarius is one of the most rebellious zodiac signs and doesn’t… Continue reading

How to Recognize the Warning Signs That a Relationship is Over

how to recognize the warning signs that a relationship is over 1

Knowing when a relationship is over is an essential skill to help you deal with the emotions that you are experiencing. While it is never easy to let go of someone you love, you must be able to distinguish the warning signs of a broken relationship. For example, if your partner isn’t contacting you frequently and you’re finding it hard… Continue reading

Tips For When You Think About Moving in Together

tips for when you think about moving in together

Before moving in together, you should start discussing household chores and rules. Decide whether or not to share the same ones as you, or if you want to assign each other specific tasks. It’s important to remember that the rules you set now may have to change over time. As the number of people in your home increases, you may… Continue reading

How to Set Up Facebook Dating on Your PC

how to set up facebook dating on your pc 2

how to set up facebook dating

If you are wondering how to set up Facebook dating, it is a good idea to know some basic information about this feature before you get started. One of the key differences between a normal Facebook profile and a dating profile is that your dating profile is visible only to people who also use the Facebook dating feature. Your friends… Continue reading

Why Does My Boyfriend Not Stay Erect – Is It My Fault?

why does my boyfriend not stay erect is it my fault 1

If your boyfriend is not able to stay erect, it might be because of a variety of reasons. Some of these are physical, while others are psychological. The psychological causes include depression and anxiety. It’s best to seek professional help if you’re struggling to find a solution.

Physical causes

If your boyfriend is having trouble staying erect, he may be… Continue reading

What is Love?

what is love 1

There are many different theories on love, including those based on biology and psychology.

Biological models tend to see love as a mammalian drive, whereas psychological models see love as a complex social phenomenon. The American Psychological Association defines love as a complex emotion, and many researchers disagree on exactly what it is.

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What’s a Platonic Relationship?

whats a platonic relationship 1

whats a platonic relationship

A platonic relationship is a love relationship without any romantic features or sexual desire.

It’s based on a shared interest in one another’s lives or hobbies. In some cases, a couple may fall in love without a sexual connection at all. If this is the case, they may be in a platonic relationship.

A platonic relationship is often a good… Continue reading

What is a Poly Relationship – Is it For You?

nick fewings ka7REB1AJl4 unsplash 1

More and More Are Looking for Non-traditional Solutions

If you’re considering a polyamorous relationship, you’ll want to be clear on what you’re looking for and what to expect. It’s important to remember that you’ll be putting yourself at risk for STDs and unplanned pregnancy, so make sure you use proper protection.

Many people who are polyamorous are attracted to more… Continue reading

Are You Ready For a polyamorous relationship

are you ready for a polyamorous relationship 1

Let’s explore the concept of polyamory, which means practicing non-monogamy in a responsible way.

Many people have never heard of polyamory and the ones that have just don’t know about polyamory. The definition of Polyamory is the practice of being romantically involved with more than one person at the same time. It is a challenge to traditional ideas about relationships,… Continue reading

Relationship Red Flags in Women

relationship red flags in women 4

What Is a Dating Red Flag?

A red flag is a warning sign or exclamation that alerts you to a potential problem, flaw, or danger. In the context of dating, a red flag is a warning sign about your date or relationship that indicates there may be something wrong. For example, when you’re dating someone new, your date regularly cancels… Continue reading

Examples of the Best Dating Bios

examples of the best dating bios 1

If you are writing a dating bio, you will want to avoid using cliches and show a little personality. Some of the best bios are funny and will make potential matches laugh out loud. However, suggestive dating bios can also work in some cases. Here are some examples of the best bios:

10 best dating bios

A dating bio can… Continue reading

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