AMS Online Dating

AMS online dating is an approach to online dating and relationships that gives men the mindset and tools necessary for building a polyamorous harem. From a red pill perspective, he emphasizes maximizing sexual market value while creating a life that attracts women.

On his book tour, AMS gave several interviews and his opinions on various topics are often controversial. He holds a strong opinion against female hypergamy and is an enthusiastic proponent of polyamory.

This book is well written and packed with valuable information to help you enhance your love life. Additionally, it provides some tips and tricks for avoiding getting scammed or hurt in a relationship.

One of the most intriguing chapters in the book is “Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating”. This chapter highlights some potential risks associated with online dating, such as deceit, harassment, financial exploitation and physical abuse.

Another key point to note is the prevalence of online dating services. There has been evidence linking specific personality correlates and patterns of use through both quantitative and cross-sectional studies (Hwang 2013, Corriero & Tong 2016, Balta et al. 2018).

AMS online dating offers some intriguing ideas to enhance your love life, but it may not be suitable for everyone. It can be quite extreme and some may not be willing to take the risks required. Furthermore, the book does not provide any real solutions to problems encountered; rather, it serves as a good primer on AMS’ red pill strategy.