Why Does Love Hurt?


Love can be an amazing feeling, and it makes us feel incredible. However, it also requires a lot of work; and sometimes when love doesn’t work out as planned, it can hurt quite deeply. So if you’re wondering why does love hurt so much, here are some possible causes:

Love can be an intensely emotional experience, and it’s easy to… Continue reading

How to Recognize a Relationship is Over

how to recognize a relationship is over 2

Knowing when a relationship is over is an essential skill to help you deal with the emotions that you are experiencing. While it is never easy to let go of someone you love, you must be able to distinguish the warning signs of a broken relationship. For example, if your partner isn’t contacting you frequently and you’re finding it hard… Continue reading

How to Start Dating Again After a Breakup

how to start dating again after a breakup

Listed below are some expert tips to get you back out there and dating again after a breakup. Some of these tips include avoiding unhealthy habits, setting realistic goals and getting out of the house. You should follow these tips and you should soon find yourself dating again. And don’t forget to stay open-minded – you never know when the… Continue reading

Deal Breakers For a Relationship You Should Avoid

deal breakers for a relationship you should avoid 1

The following are common deal breakers in a relationship that you should avoid.

These people do not feel 100% committed to you, are overly concerned about you, and do not share your passions.

Even if you share some common interests, if a partner has other interests, it could spell the end of the relationship. If this person constantly has to… Continue reading

Don’t Sabotage Your Relationships

dont sabotage your relationships 1

Do you sabotage your relationships? It is time to stop! There are several reasons why you may do it. Here are some of them:

Low self-esteem. You might be cheating on your partner because you feel inferior to them. This is a self-destructive and unhealthy form of power play. Sometimes you can do this without even realizing it. You can… Continue reading

Breaking Up with a Narcissist

breaking up with a narcissist 3

There are several methods of breaking up with a narcissist.

The most effective is to detach from them emotionally. Refuse to communicate with them or delete their social media profiles. Narcissists will say anything to get you back. If you have a close friend who is immune to emotional manipulation, you can use this method to get back together. Also,… Continue reading