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How to Date on Dating Apps

Dating apps can be frustrating, yet many don’t understand that their problems go beyond structural. A world brimming with avatars, Discord chat rooms, and gamer tags from Destiny makes it hard to connect beyond words on a screen – leading to endless swipes and lonely nights.

No matter your motives for using apps to meet people, having a clear goal… Continue reading

How to Make Dating Online Long Distance Work

At first, long distance dating requires patience and time, but if you are willing to put in the work it can be really enjoyable! Long distance relationships allow you to get to know someone before meeting in person and help form emotional connections more quickly than traditional forms of dating would.

However, it can be easy to become idealistic in… Continue reading

The Best Date Night Restaurants in Los Angeles

LA is an ideal city for romantic dates. No matter your taste in food or culture, or if it’s simply time for some solo time without children – LA provides many exciting options that will satisfy both parties involved.

Start off your evening right by heading over to Apple Pan in Culver City for some tasty burgers and fries at… Continue reading

How to Date a Libra

Astrology-believers believe that one’s star sign can define their personality and characteristics, with Libras known as one of the most romantic star signs, with them all about creating loving relationships between partners. Good listeners, charming personalities and an affinity for making people fall instantly in love make Libras special; flirtatious stars in zodiac can make people feel even more special!… Continue reading

The Best Dating Apps in London

No matter your dating needs – from finding someone special for that romantic night out or someone to help ease a hangover – London offers something for everyone. A city full of great food and an incredible bar scene make London an excellent city to date in. However, its expense means many are opting for online dating instead – the… Continue reading

How to Create a Bumble Profile

Bumble is an online dating app designed to empower women to initiate conversations with matches. The app uses filters based on age, location, religious beliefs, activities, and more in order to find you suitable matches; if your filter settings are set too broadly however, you could end up with too many poor matches that don’t deserve your time or energy.… Continue reading

The Best Dating Apps For London

best dating apps london

Online dating has quickly become more prevalent since there are over 1,400 sites operating in the UK alone. But with all these options out there, it can be challenging to figure out which is best suited for you – that’s why we compiled this list of London’s best dating apps to make things simpler for you.

From quick flings to… Continue reading

What is a Perfect Date? – How to Make Her Feel Like a Princess

what is a perfect date

No matter your tastes in entertainment, we’ve all seen dating show hosts ask female contestants about their ideal date: dinner at an elegant restaurant followed by an evening stroll along a moonlit path is often mentioned as such an experience; but there are so many other ways you can make the night truly unforgettable for both of you!

Girls go… Continue reading

The Best 1st Date Questions to Get You Started

Finding a conversation-starting topic on a first date can be difficult, so to help get things rolling we’ve gathered up some essential first date questions here to get you going.

1. Where would You Fly Today (If You Could Board an Airplane Right Away, Which Destination Would It Be?)

This question can give insight into your date’s character, according to… Continue reading

The Talking Vs Dating Vs Relationship Stages

talking vs dating vs relationship

Modern dating can be an arduous journey. Between swipes, texts and in-app chats as the primary form of communication among potential love interests, misinterpretation can often occur. Understanding when it is talking vs dating vs relationship statuses are crucial; whether just starting to speak or have been in a relationship for some time – these signs will help determine where… Continue reading

Best Date Restaurants in Los Angeles

best date restaurants in los angeles

No matter the occasion or stage of your relationship, finding an intimate romantic restaurant to dine at can make for an enjoyable evening out with someone special. Los Angeles boasts plenty of romantic restaurants that will add an unforgettable dining experience no matter the time or date night. From Mexican eateries to French bistros, Los Angeles provides everything necessary for… Continue reading

Dating in Your 30s

dating 30s

Dating in their 30s can be an entirely new experience for many people. While first date jitters, tedious small talk, and hours spent in the bathroom before your date arrives still exist, things might be slightly different overall – perhaps more mature overall? Not necessarily bad thing though as this extra pressure may add some additional strain; with time passing… Continue reading

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