Have You Heard the New Dating Terms 2022

A new trend in dating is coining new terms. Pocketing, also known as stashing, is a term used to describe a person who keeps you out of their social circles, does not introduce you to their family or friends, and does not mention you on social media. Another term is roaching, which refers to secretly dating multiple partners. Vulturing is similar but uses an image of an unappealing animal.


Benching is one of the new dating terms that’s taking the dating world by storm. The term basically means that someone isn’t interested in you enough to commit to a relationship. It’s similar to waiting on the bench in a sports game. It’s also a common practice in online dating.

Benching is also related to breadcrumbing, but in contrast with breadcrumbing, benching is an entirely different process. While breadcrumbing requires a potential partner to make an initial effort to contact you, benching doesn’t require you to initiate contact. Instead, a bencher is almost exclusively the one fielding requests for a date.


“Breadcrumbing” is a way to keep someone interested but not fully commit. This type of behavior can cause a person to become emotionally dependent. It’s also a sign of a lack of interest. A breadcrumb may not even make plans to meet someone.

A breadcrumb is someone who sends sporadic messages to a person they’re interested in. Some breadcrumbing behaviors are a result of a lack of confidence in the dating process, and it might also be an attempt to avoid conflict or confrontation. Other breadcrumbing behaviors are done voluntarily or are motivated by a desire to attract attention and keep someone interested.


We’ve heard about wokefishing and zombieing. These terms describe men who claim to be liberal but don’t practice what they preach. These men usually reveal their true opinions after a few months or years, often leading to breakups. Another term that comes to mind is zombieing – the act of ghosting a former lover after they’ve gone on a date.

If you’ve ever been ghosted, you know the feeling. Sometimes a ghosted person isn’t entirely a zombie – he or she might be ghosting you for some reason. When you’re zombieed, it can feed into your insecurities about your relationship.

New Dating Terms 2022


Oystering is a term for singles who have broken up recently and are excited to begin dating again. It’s basically the opposite of dating a long-term partner: an oysterer views the world as her oyster and is open to dating anyone and everyone. It’s a new, fun way of dating and the dating expert is predicting that oystering will become one of the new dating terms for 2022.

Oystering is a term coined by users of the online dating site Badoo. It’s an idea that encourages singles to live a single life without the romantic entanglements that often saturate modern dating sites. While it might sound like a terrible idea, oystering allows you to get to know yourself and explore different options in a partner. While some potential partners may pocket you, it’s also possible to meet a lifelong partner who doesn’t mind living a life without romance.


A recent study by dating app Plenty of Fish reveals that millennials are evaluating their potential dates based on their fondness for the ’00s. The findings indicate that 57% of people are turn-ons when someone gets references to movies or music from the ’00s. This trend is likely to extend into the dating scene as well.

While it’s not quite as shocking as it might sound, a recent survey conducted by Plenty of Fish suggests that millennials are evaluating potential dates based on their favorite pop culture references from the past decade. In fact, 67% of respondents said that life was much easier in the past.


According to Badoo‘s research, almost half of all single people are ready to start dating again in 2022. According to the study, 78 percent of singles report that they have been ghosted or phased out by someone. Serendipidating is putting off dates until they’re able to meet a more compatible match. It’s a paradox that can lead to a lonely love life.

This practice stems from the common saying, “grass is always greener.” The idea is to delay a date with the hope that someone better will come along. This, in turn, creates the risk of being disappointed by not meeting the person you really want.

Sober dating

Sober dating has become an increasingly popular concept in today’s dating scene, and it will likely become even more common in the years to come. Despite the negative perceptions that come with drinking, the numbers show that people who avoid alcohol have better chances of forming meaningful connections with others. In fact, more than half of singles say that alcohol consumption is a deal-breaker for them on a first date.

When meeting someone new, it’s important to disclose your sobriety status and your intentions to stay sober. This will alleviate any unnecessary anxiety and create space for learning more about your new date. If your date is sober and also in recovery, you can inspire them by sharing your progress with them.