How to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is an opportunity to honor our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, stepmothers and all the important women in our lives – be they mothers, grandmothers, aunts or stepmothers. It is an occasion when we can show our thanks for the love and guidance our mothers provide us, make memories with them and spend quality time together – the importance of mothers cannot be overstated in this world and therefore it is crucial that we take time out on Mother’s Day to give them some extra special love and treat them on this special occasion!

Mothers Day is celebrated around the world on various dates; in the US it falls on the second Sunday in May – in 2023 it falls on May 14th. Anna Jarvis first created Mother’s Day as an occasion to recognize and cherish all mothers; not commercialized but instead intended as an event where all mothers, daughters, wives, friends, and sisters could come together on one special day of honoring mothers!

One tradition that has developed for this holiday includes hosting a picnic or going out to her favorite restaurant for lunch, or taking her on an excursion through her favorite park or nature trail to get fresh air and admire all the blooming spring flowers. Today is also an excellent opportunity to exercise while spending quality time with mom.

If you live far from your mom, Mother’s Day can be an opportunity to organize a virtual date. Perhaps cook together and have the meal delivered right to her door! Some recipes that could work include brunch or lunch like these brunch and lunch ideas; you could also create a casserole dinner and send that instead if possible!

On Mother’s Day, many people enjoy creating art for their mom as an unforgettable Mother’s Day tradition. You can do this together or individually as it’s a great way to show your creativity while showing the special woman in your life how much she means. Most computers now feature video chat software so this activity doesn’t even need to take place close by if separate locations.

Mother’s Day has historically been used as an occasion to bring attention to political or feminist causes; for instance, Coretta Scott King used Mother’s Day 1968 as an opportunity to advance equal rights for women. Additionally, this day provides the perfect opportunity to reach out and offer your mother or a friend some encouragement.

Mother’s Day this year marks a special anniversary – 100 years since the establishment of the National Council of Women – and it provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon its many contributions for women over its 100-year existence.