How to Start a Conversation on a Dating App

When trying to start a conversation on a dating application, there are a few different techniques you can use to make it happen. The first thing to do is pick up the right topic. Hoffman recommends starting the conversation with something that is interesting or unique. Avoid asking dull questions like, “How was your week?” or “What’s on your mind this weekend?” as these are more likely to lead to a stale conversation.

Open-ended questions

Open-ended questions are an effective way to learn more about the person you are talking to. They can be as broad as “How is your life going right now?” They can also be specific and reveal the person’s work, living situation, and relationships.

Asking questions about someone’s profile is another effective way to start a conversation. The other person will feel heard and will know that you’ve taken time to read their profile. If you ask a question about something specific in their profile, you’ll show that you’ve taken time to read their profile and are interested in finding out more about them.

Be sure to ask follow-up open-ended questions when the conversation progresses. It’s important to keep in mind that dating is a two-way process and should be a mutual effort. If you are only interested in yourself, you could easily bore the other person. Using open-ended questions on a dating app will help you gauge the other person’s interest and decide if you want to pursue further conversations with them.

Another good tip is to avoid asking the same questions over again. The most common questions are “How was your week?” or “What are you doing this weekend?” These questions are not likely to lead to interesting conversations. Instead, ask them a question that gets them thinking and answering. This will make them feel comfortable and increase the chances of forming a relationship.


Depending on your preferences, there are many ways to start a conversation on a dating site or app. Compliments can be used to spark a conversation with the other person. Compliments can be general or specific to a particular interest. A woman who is interested in musical talent may want to start a conversation by complimenting the musician’s ability.

Men prefer being complimented on their looks, body, and humor. Twenty-nine percent of men find it more flattering to receive a compliment about their appearance than their intelligence. It is important to remember that compliments are more powerful than you think. Compliments can also lead to more dates.

When giving compliments, make sure they are sincere. You don’t want to sound like you’re trying too hard. Compliments are effective because they make the other person feel good. Make sure not to sound too sarcastic, because you’ll only come across as uninterested and fake. Compliments should reflect an insight into a person’s character and mention something that you admire. This way, the compliments will mean more to him.

When you want to open a conversation on a dating app, try to comment on a detail of their profile. This will show that you’re interested in them. Compliments are also an opportunity to show them that you’re more than just a good-looking guy. If a girl is looking for someone who likes television shows, you can ask her what her favorite recent show is.

Compliments leave a lasting impression on a man. When you offer a compliment that is sincere, it will go a long way in triggering a conversation. Compliments must be genuine and original if they’re going to have any lasting effect. Compliments can influence a man’s actions and feelings, so it’s important to give genuine compliments.

Compliments can also be used to strike up a conversation without meeting the person in person. Compliments on a profile or a picture are great icebreakers. A simple compliment on the color of a shirt, hairstyle, or a dog is a great way to start a conversation. If you’ve met someone through a dating app, be sure to compliment his pictures and personality to build a connection.

Hypothetical questions

Hypothetical questions on dating apps are a good way to get a conversation started. They help you get a feel for what the other person is thinking. They also give you a chance to think about someone else. For example, you can imagine yourself talking to a famous person. While you’re imagining them, you should remember that they’re probably just an ordinary person just like you.

Hypothetical questions are great conversation starters because they create a safe and open environment for your date to open up. They also allow you to ask more personal questions that will show your interest in the person you’re talking to. Hypothetical questions are also a great way to keep the conversation going.

Hypothetical questions are fun and easy to answer. They also give you a chance to show a more playful side and avoid excluding someone because they’re not intellectual enough. It’s also a good idea to use your own instinct and confidence when asking these questions.

Hypothetical questions can last for hours. They’re best for late-night chats, but they’re great conversation starters. The best part is, they can even open the door to a great romantic connection. It’s just a matter of knowing how to use them.

While you’re asking hypothetical questions to spark a conversation, remember to be honest and to ask follow-up questions. Following up with a follow-up question helps keep the conversation going and prevents it from getting boring. Make sure you ask questions that require more than a yes or no.

Hypothetical questions on a dating app can also be used as icebreakers. For example, if you kill an innocent child, would you kill everyone and end wars? The answer is no, since it would require the guilt of killing the child. You might get hurt by telling the truth. But you need to remember that telling the truth hurts other people’s feelings.

‘What’s bringing you joy this week?’

There are many ways to start a conversation on a dating website or app. By asking about your day and your week, you can glean insights into what is on their mind. You might be surprised by what they say. Another fun way to start a conversation is by asking about viral videos or memes. Many people are glued to their phones these days, so they are likely to be aware of these videos and memes.

The last great show you watched may also be an excellent conversation starter. Chances are, you’ll find that you both love the same things. If you have a similar interest in starting your own business, you might strike up a conversation about that.