How to Deal With Trust Issues in a New Relationship

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Gaining trust in a new relationship can be challenging, particularly if you have been betrayed or let down in the past. But this journey doesn’t have to be impossible – it just requires effort and perseverance.

It’s essential to work on solving these problems gradually. Here are some tips for getting started: they won’t solve everything instantly, but they can… Continue reading

Relationship Terms – Monogamy, Polygamy, Polygyny and Polyandry

relationship terms monogamy polygamy polygyny and polyandry 1

In relationships, there are different terms used.

You may have heard of terms like monogamous and polygamous.

Let’s discuss some of them in this article. Monogamy means you are in a relationship with only one partner, while polygamy means you have more than one partner.


The social norms and cultural expectations of monogamous relationships often encourage small lies to… Continue reading

How to Seduce My Husband

how to seduce my husband

Learn how to seduce my husband. Get his attention and make him want you:

There are many ways to seduce your husband and get him interested in you. Some of the most common techniques include being flirtatious, dressing sexy, being positive and nurturing, and initiating sex. It is important to find what works best for your husband… Continue reading