Sex Partner

How to Have Sex on First Date

how to have sex on first date

Before you get a date, stock up on personal lubricants and a bottle of water. The night’s activities might include a quick breakfast, hot bath, and extra affection, such as kissing, cuddling, and holding hands. Keeping some water on hand and personal lubricants can help ensure both of you feel safe during sex. If you’re staying the night, consider preparing… Continue reading

What Sex Position Satisfies Women Most?

what sex position satisfies women most

In the August 2020 Sexual Medicine survey, we looked at 13 sex positions and asked: “What Sex Positions Make the Most Pleasure for Women?” This research reveals that the doggy style is most popular among married individuals, and that it is the most preferred sex position by people who have been in committed relationships for at least two years. While… Continue reading

What Do You look for in a Sex Partner

what do you look for in a sex partner

When looking for a sex partner, what should you look for? Your desire to have a great sex experience is vital to the success of your relationship. Great communication equals great sex. You should be comfortable expressing your desires to your partner and being open to his or her ideas. A good sexual partner will be open to trying new… Continue reading