Top 5 Dating Podcasts That Will Help You Find the One You’ve Been Looking For

dating podcast

Love and relationships make an excellent topic for podcasts. There’s something out there for every listener here; whether that be more about sexuality, modern dating practices or advice from those who’ve already found The One.

While many of these shows feature highbrow content, others take an approach closer to home. A spinoff of The New York Times’ Modern Love column invites notable personalities like celebrities or notable personalities from mainstream culture to read essays submitted by ordinary readers; Dear Sugar pairs bestselling authors or other influencers with listeners in order to read and discuss letters detailing relationships both struggling and flourishing.

No matter where your love-seeking journey leads, these dating podcasts will offer something to keep the spark alive! From expert dating coach advice to discussions about polygamy vs monogamy, there is plenty of material out there for you.

Betches Media co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid offer an alternative viewpoint on modern love – taking an irreverent yet lighthearted approach to dating apps, monogamy and relationships in general. Their weekly show has been running for five years, exploring all facets of dating from virtual sex, ghosting and the #MeToo movement all while interviewing experts, therapists and active daters themselves to document current conditions within modern relationships.

U Up?, an original podcast series exploring dating in an age of Covid-19 and zombie-ing, proves there’s no such thing as an ordinary relationship anymore. Yue Xu and Julie Krafchick, self-described “active daters turned dating sociologists,” pair singles for live dates that will be recorded and uploaded as episodes for podcast consumption; de facto producers/Greek chorus (Yue) introduce dater to audience and seed conversation with questions or icebreakers; act as de facto producers/Greek chorus/Greek chorus/Greek chorus etc… They act as de facto producers/Greek chorus/Greek chorus/Greek chorus for these recordings while acting as producers/Greek chorus/Greek chorus/Greek chorus etc… They serve as love doctors/Dating Gurus to help their daters identify bad habits or address issues such as over-reliance on technology or need for control relationships.

As far as dating podcasts go, many offer advice for those hoping to get married. But Date/able’s hosts Jessica Piazza and Hiwote Getaneh take an approachable and open approach when discussing romantic relationships – inviting listeners to share their dating stories for discussion during episodes as a springboard into deeper discussions about finding and keeping healthy long-term relationships.

This show from the How Stuff Works network addresses the complex nature of relationships through short interviews with couples who are either married or seeking marriage. Piazza offers listeners insight into each couple’s dynamics while teaching them how they can better comprehend their own relationships.