What’s Up Meaning and Answer

When you hear someone ask, ‘What’s up?’, what’s the proper response? The answer depends on the person asking and the situation. Here are some situations where you might use this response:

You can say ‘good news’ in response to a “what’s up?” question if you’re happy with your day. This response can also be used to share some exciting news with a colleague. However, when you’re asking someone you don’t know well, a more common response is to tell them you’re having a good day. In this way, you’ll be able to spark a conversation and gain their attention.

A more subtle way of asking, “What’s up,” is to ask, “What are you doing?” This question evokes many different meanings, depending on the tone of the speaker. Using a more threatening tone could be a sign of suspicion, while a more friendly tone might be appropriate if you’re just curious about a person. Examples of what’s up are: “What have you been doing,” “What’re you doing today,” and “What are you up to today?” Although these expressions are common in English conversations, they can still seem confusing, or out of place.

What’s up was once a popular response to this question. However, it became more popular decades ago. Today, it’s an informal greeting and idiomatic phrase. It shows your mood, and is often used to make people laugh or confuse them for a moment. When used properly, it’s an excellent way to greet people and build a bond. Just remember, the right answer is a little confusing!

whats up meaning and answer

While the answer to “what’s up?” depends on context, the first two words in the phrase are the same: fine, great, and good. “Fine” is the simplest and most common answer, as it can be followed up with other sentences and open up the conversation. The second word, “great,” implies something important that happened recently. The question of “what’s up?” is often asked after a conversation, so “fine” is a more appropriate response.

If the person’s response to a what’s up message was “Yes,” it might be the perfect answer. The simple phrase can be an excellent way to flirt with someone and make them feel important and appreciated. But the first two words should be used sparingly, and never as the last word. When asking a girl what’s up, you should be prepared to think about what she wants. And what’s likely to catch her eye!

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