Is Whoopi Goldberg Married ?

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Was whoopi goldberg married to ted danson?

No, Whoopi Goldberg did not marry Ted Danson. They were in a relationship from 1992 to 1994.

Was whoopi goldberg married to sam elliott?

No, Whoopi Goldberg has never been married to Sam Elliott.

What is the history of Whoopi Goldberg’s love life?

Whoopi Goldberg had three marriages. She is currently unmarried.

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Romantic Getaways

romantic getaways

For a romantic getaway, choose an area of the country that has something to offer the couple. From lakeside hideaways to city hotels, you’ll find many options for the perfect romantic weekend away. Keep in mind that certain attractions may be closed or require advance reservations, so check before you go. For instance, a romantic getaway to the Niagara Falls… Continue reading

What Do Couples Argue About Most?

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While it is possible that there are many factors influencing the frequency of arguments between couples, the most common ones are children and parenting styles. Approximately 36 percent of arguments among couples in this age group involved parenting style, discipline, or children. Furthermore, the number of such conflicts will likely increase as more children are born with disabilities. No matter… Continue reading