First Date

How to Have Sex on First Date

how to have sex on first date

Before you get a date, stock up on personal lubricants and a bottle of water. The night’s activities might include a quick breakfast, hot bath, and extra affection, such as kissing, cuddling, and holding hands. Keeping some water on hand and personal lubricants can help ensure both of you feel safe during sex. If you’re staying the night, consider preparing… Continue reading

Top 5 Best 1st Date Ideas


Music festivals and concerts are some of the best first date ideas. A concert or performance can spark conversation, while a bike ride is also a great choice. Seeing a sports event and watching a concert were tied for eighth place. 4.7 percent of respondents chose these activities. The survey also found that attending a coffee shop is one of… Continue reading

How to Ask the Best First Date Questions

how to ask the best first date questions 1

You may wonder how to ask the best first date questions. The best questions are those that get at the heart of the other person. They should reflect the interests, hobbies, and character of your date. To find the right questions, consider the following:

First date questions to get to know your date

The best first date questions are not… Continue reading

Conversation Starters For a Dating Site

conversation starters for a dating site 2

You might wonder what to say to get your dates talking. Well, here are some great conversation starters that will help you get started. Use these topics to spark a deep conversation and build a connection with someone. Try one of these ideas to make your dates go faster and smoother. It is always better to start a conversation before… Continue reading

Conversation Starters For a Relationship

conversation starters for a relationship

If your partner is aloof and shy, you might want to try asking her or him about her favorite things. This could be anything from her favorite music genre to the artists she likes. She might also have a favorite book or movie. There are endless possibilities! Listed below are some conversation starters to start a conversation.

If your partner… Continue reading

Where Should You Go on a First Date?

where should you go on a first date 2

You have finally gotten your very first date with the guy of your dreams. The question is, where should you go? Will we split the bill? Do I kiss him? This article will help you figure out the important details of the first date. In the next few paragraphs, you’ll learn how to make the best impression on your date.… Continue reading