Kissing Before Marriage?

By Trixie Jun25,2022

Is it Possible to Kiss a Christian Before Marriage?

Is it possible to kiss a Christian before marriage?

It can be extremely challenging, but there are many reasons why you should avoid kissing a Christian before marriage.

Here are some of the most common reasons. Listed below are some of the reasons why kissing a Christian before marriage is a bad idea.

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It is hard for young people today to make moral decisions about what is okay and what isn’t. The Bible doesn’t specifically address kissing or sex before marriage, but it certainly discourages physical affection. While sex before marriage is a clear no-no, other forms of intimacy are less controversial.

Christian counselors advise couples to avoid kissing or holding hands until after marriage.

For example, hand-holding is considered a form of physical intimacy, but kissing is not.

However, some people still want to kiss before marriage. Some believe that it’s the best way to fight sexual lust.

According to James 4:17, kissing before marriage is a sin. Similarly, Romans 14:23 declares that doubting Christians should not eat.

In addition, kissing without faith is sinful.

can christian kiss before marriage

In the Bible, long kisses with non-spouses are a form of foreplay. Christians should ask themselves if they’re kissing to honor the Lord.

If they are, it’s definitely a sin.


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