An Extra-martial Site prepared By Women:

“ The Best Extra-Marital Discreet Dating Site Prepared by Women.

It is free to join for women. Men must pay for membership.


Their approach is however far from what you would expect. These women started instead of pair counseling or helping partners be happy in their relationship. Gleeden, with more than 4.5 million registered users, is a premier extramarital dating site. The product is intended for people who are married or divorced and who wish or want to join in a function. In France, Gleeden, accompanied by other European countries, was mostly introduced.

The Origin of in the United States: is a French social networking and online forum mainly distributed to women, in particular, those already connected. The site was started in France in 2009. The business acts as a safe dating service for both sexes and lifestyle practitioners. For women, it is free to use the Gleeden dating subscription scheme. The location is called a “Glee” and “Eden” portmanteau (referring to the biblical “Eden Garden”).

In the United States, Gleeden dating was formally released in 2012″