10 Questions to Ask Your Date

By Trixie Jun4,2022

First dates are weird and awkward. You want to have fun, but you need to determine if you want this to lead to a second date. Ask these questions to help settle those questions so you can just relax and enjoy the date.

10 Questions to Ask on a First date

How are you crazy?

We’re all crazy in our own way.

You just want to make sure their crazy matches your crazy or else how you can put up with it. 

Do you have any nieces or nephews?

It’s far too forward to ask someone, do you want kids? Although that might be a high priority for them, it may not be for you. Asking them if they have any nieces or nephews is a good way to see how they feel about family. 

What’s the funniest thing that happened to you today?

This is very important because how they look at life and their sense of humor can really tell if they are a good match for you. Having a sense of humor and one that you share in common can help you through the rough times and there will be rough times. 

What are you looking for?

Times have changed

We can’t always assume that someone dating wants to have a monogamous relationship and eventually get married and have kids. So asking right up front, what are you looking for? Which sets clear expectations and sets the potential for what might come beyond the first date.


How do you deal with people you don’t agree with.?

You two may be the most compatible people on the planet but eventually, there will be differences. 

The important thing to remember is it’s not what we disagree about, but how we handle the disagreements. If we have communication and can talk things out in a reasonable fashion, perhaps even agreeing to disagree, at times.


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What Are Your Worst habits?

The quirky habits of your date. Might be a deal-breaker for some people and it might simply endear them to you. We all have strange and irritating habits. We might as well face it right up front and see if these are going to be deal Breakers and how the other person handles them?

What are your best qualities?

How a person describes their best qualities says a lot about them. Even if it’s just a goal they’re searching for and they haven’t attained it yet. Does it show what is a valuable quality to them? This might be grounds for agreement or disagreement. But it does show where their head space is.

What do you find most annoying in other people?

People bond as much over what annoys them and frustrates them as the interests they share in the things they love hopefully whatever they say annoys them most and their people you haven’t already done on the date. That could be really embarrassing.

What are your deal Breakers?

What are you not willing to stand for?

Your date may already have answered this without being prompted.

Most people have red flags that they look out for, largely based on previous experiences and relationships. It is good to know what is non-negotiable in a relationship. For instance, they are a heavy drinker and you don’t touch alcohol. This could be something to discuss. If you’re a casual pot user and they think cannabis is the devil’s weed and leads to mass shootings.Well.This relationship may not be going anywhere….

Why is your best friend your best friend? 

Who we choose as our best friend and who chooses us says a lot about us and ultimately you’ll want your lover to be your best friend as well. 

Hopefully,  when your date turns these questions with variations on you, you’ll have good answers. But don’t sound Too prepared!

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