Dating Horror Story on Tinder

This TikTok dating horror story is a real life example of what can happen when you meet someone online. The TikTok user Mason, who goes by the username @MasonOnTheMic, was baffled by the behavior of his date. He lied about being in the hospital, left angry voicemails and didn’t respond to any of his messages.

TikTok dating horror stories

On TikTok, people are telling their dating horror stories. One story involves a man who disappears after a night out, but one woman had the experience herself. One person, KathrynVerb, shared her story of being ghosted on the app. After dozens of people responded with similar stories, the hashtag “#TikTokDatingHorrors” went viral. Even TikTok deleted a tweet about the phenomenon, but many people are still sharing their own experiences on the site.

There are a lot of TikTok dating horror stories, from the embarrassing to the terrifying. As a social media giant, TikTok users have become brave enough to share their stories and experiences with others. They’re also giving a new meaning to the phrase “do it for the plot.”

Tinder date with a felon

dating horror story

A girl met a handsome, well-dressed guy on Tinder and they started a date. The first date seemed to go well enough, with a romantic dinner and a movie. Then, the guy started crying and told her that he had spent 11 years in prison. The girl continued to date the felon for two months.

Another woman met a man on Tinder who ended up in a sack. After the date, the guy accused her of stealing a sock. She found out later that he had parked his car illegally the night before and had no cash or ID. The woman paid to have the car towed and drove him to pick up the car, but the next day she was late for work and blocked his number.

Tinder date with a jerk

You’ve had a Tinder date with a jerk. And it’s not just you. The woman in this Tinder dating horror story was also a victim of this horrible experience. She met a guy on her first date who disrespected her on the first date and even made it seem like she was lucky to have him. He kept insisting that he was a “cool guy” for the entire evening, but she left before he could show his true colors. She lied about having a boyfriend to get rid of him.

A Tinder date with a jerk is the worst dating experience of all. You meet this person through the Tinder app, and he insults you, and the whole date ends in a flop. You’re left with a pound of saliva in your mouth and a tongue that is running across your face.

Man tried to eat woman’s flesh

The man who tried to eat a woman’s flesh during dating has made news. This horror story started when a woman was invited to Panama City, Florida, on a spring break vacation by a guy she didn’t know. After the couple had made out on a number of dates, the woman was shocked when she found sores on her mouth. She went to the doctor and was told it wasn’t an STD, but rather a bacterial infection that was caused by decayed flesh. Luckily, the FBI was called to investigate.

Guy invited a woman to a birthday party

A Reddit post about a guy invited a woman to his birthday party suggests that the man may be dating someone. Although it is difficult to know a person’s relationship status without knowing more about them, friends or family can often provide clues. If you are wondering whether or not the guy you are dating is dating you, it’s important to understand his motives.