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By Trixie Dec24,2022

Are you wondering if Bumble shadowbans its users?

Have I been shadowbanned?

How long does a shadowban last

Do you think your profile has been hidden from other Bumble users? If so, then this post is for you. We will cover the question what is a shadowban …how it works on Bumble… and what steps you can take to get your profile back up and running.

What Does Shadowbanned Mean?

Bumble shadowbanning is the practice of banning users from the platform without alerting them. This means that a user will not receive notifications, messages, or matches from other users. Shadowbanned users may still be able to access the platform, but may not be able to interact with other users. Bumble claims that they do not use shadowbanning as a punishment, but it is believed that they use it to protect their users from spam, bots, and other malicious behavior. Shadowbanning is an effective way to prevent malicious behavior on the platform without needing to manually review every account or message.

How Do You Know If You’re Shadowbanned?

It can be difficult to tell if you’ve been shadowbanned on Bumble. Unfortunately, there are no clear signs or red flags that indicate whether you’ve been shadowbanned. The best way to find out if you’ve been shadowbanned is to ask a friend to try and view your profile. If they can’t see it, then it’s likely that you’ve been shadowbanned. You can also try creating a new profile to see if you experience the same issue. If you do, then you may have been shadowbanned from the platform.

Why Does Bumble Do This?

Bumble does this as a way to protect their users from spam, fake profiles, and bots. By shadowbanning users who violate their policies, Bumble ensures that these users are not able to continue using the app to harass or annoy other users. This also helps keep the platform safe for all users, as shadowbanning helps prevent malicious behavior from being spread. Additionally, Bumble is committed to creating an environment of mutual respect for all users, and shadowbanning is one way they maintain that atmosphere.

How To Avoid Being Shadowbanned.

If you’re worried about being shadowbanned, there are some steps you can take to help prevent it. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

• Don’t leave your profile blank – Make sure to fill out all your profile sections with interesting information about yourself. This will help you look like an active user.

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• Keep your profile fresh and updated – Change up your profile from time to time. Add new photos and update your bio with interesting facts about yourself.

• Don’t be too picky about who you swipe on – Swiping too picky can be a sign of inactivity and may result in a shadowban. Try to be more open-minded about who you match with.

• Make sure to send a message first – When you match with someone, make sure to take the initiative and send them the first message. Otherwise, it could be seen as a sign of inactivity.

• Avoid using trigger words or bad language in messages – Bumble monitors messages for inappropriate content, so make sure to keep your conversations polite and respectful.

• Don’t send too many messages at once – If you send too many messages in a short time span, it could look like spam, which could result in a shadowban.

Don’t Leave Your Profile Blank.

Don’t leave your profile blank. Bumble uses an algorithm to detect if you’re a real user and if you’re not taking the time to fill out your profile, it can trigger the algorithm to think you’re a spammer. To ensure you don’t get shadowbanned, make sure you fill out your profile with interesting information about yourself. Add photos, a bio, and let potential matches know who you are. This will show Bumble that you’re a real user who is interested in finding matches, not someone who is trying to game the system.

Keep Your Profile Fresh and Updated.

Having an up-to-date profile is essential if you want to continue using Bumble without getting shadowbanned. Make sure to update your profile with new pictures and information about yourself, as this will help keep your profile from being flagged as suspicious. Additionally, make sure not to leave your profile blank, as this could also lead to a shadowban. Be sure to provide enough information about yourself so that swipers know who you are.

Don’t Be Too Picky About Who You Swipe On.

One of the main reasons why users get shadowbanned is because they are too picky when it comes to who they swipe on. Bumble has algorithms in place to detect when someone is being too selective and then it will flag the profile. To avoid this, try to be more open-minded and don’t be afraid to swipe right on someone you’re not immediately attracted to. You never know who you might meet and a wider pool of potential matches means more chances to find your perfect match. So don’t be too picky about who you swipe on and give yourself the best chance to find your match.

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Make Sure To Send A Message First.

When you start to match with someone on Bumble, it’s important to send a message first. This is because Bumble tends to monitor user activity and if you don’t send a message after matching, then it may appear that you aren’t an active user, and could potentially lead to being shadowbanned. Sending a message first shows that you are an active user and are serious about finding someone. It also starts the conversation off on the right foot and shows initiative. Plus, when you send the first message, you have more control over the conversation and can steer it in the direction you want. So make sure to send a message first and show that you are an active user on Bumble.

Avoid Using Trigger Words or Bad Language in Messages.

When using Bumble, it’s important to be mindful of the words you use in messages. Avoid using words that could be seen as offensive, rude, or inappropriate. This includes words that could be seen as racial slurs, profanity, and other offensive language. Bumble is a platform dedicated to helping people meet, so it’s important to maintain a friendly and open atmosphere. If you’re caught sending offensive language, Bumble can take action against your account, including banning you from the app. It’s best to avoid using any type of language that could be seen as inappropriate or offensive. That way, you can ensure that your account remains in good standing with Bumble and you can continue to use their platform to meet new people.

Don’t Send Too Many Messages at Once.

It’s important to remember not to send too many messages at once when using Bumble. Sending too many messages in a short period of time can make you look desperate or too eager, and can trigger Bumble’s automated systems. This could lead to a shadowban, as Bumble may think you are trying to game the system or spam other users. It’s best to take your time and get to know each person before sending multiple messages in a row.

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