How to French Kiss – How to Make Your First Kiss a Pleasure

By Trixie Jun24,2022

Learn how to French kiss properly. It may seem intimidating, but it’s actually much simpler than it seems. Unlike what you see on TV or in the movies, where people seem to be making out like they’re in love with each other for the first time, you can actually enjoy this intimate moment. Just remember, there are many wrong ways to kiss. Follow these tips to make your first French kiss a pleasure. The kiss you give will leave your partner feeling satisfied and captivated!

Using a hand, a piece of fruit, or your imagination is an excellent way to practice. Simply curl your hand in the shape of an “O,” then bite into the fruit. Make sure the fruit is firm and ripe, and fit your lips around it. When practicing alone, you can try gently brushing the fruit with your tongue. Afterward, try letting your partner kiss your hand with their tongue. When the time is right, try a real French kiss.

To make it more exciting, make sure you practice on the lips. If you’re nervous, you may bump into each other’s noses or have to quickly pull away from the kiss. However, after some practice, this kiss will become instinctive. If you’re really nervous, just try a little bit at a time and watch how your partner reacts to the kiss. If it goes well, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is than you thought!

How to French Kiss

During the kiss, try tilting your head slightly when you’re close to your partner. Try not to put pressure on yourself, as you don’t want to bump noses with your partner. Instead, gently brush your lips over the partner’s lips, building anticipation. If it goes well, it can last for a while. Just be sure to practice on a few days until you perfect the art of French kissing.

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When it comes to the kiss, you can try the French kiss by touching the person with your tongue. Be sure not to let it get too loose, as this can cause a clanking sound when you move your mouth too far open. Moreover, a clanging sound may result from a failure to turn your head when kissing, or when you open your mouth too wide. This isn’t a big deal if the person has bumped their teeth, so just kiss it gently.

While you’re French kissing, make sure to breathe and focus on your partner’s cues. Pay attention to their response, if you receive positive feedback, continue kissing. If they don’t react well, change your tactic. When you’re in the middle of a French kiss, close your eyes and focus on your partner’s sensual pleasure instead of on your own reaction. If the kiss is a complete success, your partner will surely be delighted!

A proper French kiss is all about finesse and sensuality. You should avoid overusing your tongue, but instead open your mouth as wide as possible. Your lips should also be open for increased passion and excitement. French kissing also involves locking the lip. Make sure to kiss your partner’s lower lip while sucking them in. The kiss should last longer than three seconds. You should try this technique at least once before committing to it.


By Trixie

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