Concerned About the Dangers of Kissing ….

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Many people are concerned about STIs and cold sores. Kissing can spread different illnesses, including the common cold and flu. It can also lead to a make-out session, which can lead to various illnesses. Doctors explain the dangers of kissing. Read on to learn more. The dangers of kissing are real, but they are not fatal. You should also… Continue reading

How Good You Kiss

how good you kiss

How Good You Kiss

There are many things you should know to make your first kiss great.

In addition to maintaining direct eye contact, make sure you are leaning in close to your partner. As your lips come together, keep your voice low and your mouth relaxed. The kiss itself should last at least two minutes. You can also switch… Continue reading

First Kiss !!!

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Factors That Affect the Age of First Kiss

The age of the first kiss is a major milestone for young people. It marks a transition into adulthood, a process that includes many firsts. Graduating from high school, finding a job, and saving for a first apartment are all markers of this milestone. But there is a longer path to first… Continue reading

Why Do We Kiss Our Foreheads?

why do we kiss our foreheads

Kissing the forehead is a common social gesture that signifies friendship, comfort, and adoration. In some cultures, it is used as a sign of apology or acknowledgment of a grievance. But why do we do it? Here are some reasons. Listed below are some common examples. Listed below are some examples of why people kiss their foreheads. Let’s look at… Continue reading

How to Know If a Guy Wants to Kiss You

how to know if a guy wants to kiss you

There are a few ways to tell if a guy is interested in kissing you. Hand kissing is a sign of interest. It’s a great way to show your affection without making your partner notice. Another way to tell is to blow his kiss back. This will help build your confidence. If you want to kiss a guy, you should… Continue reading

Kissing Before Marriage?

kissing before marriage

Is it Possible to Kiss a Christian Before Marriage?

Is it possible to kiss a Christian before marriage?

It can be extremely challenging, but there are many reasons why you should avoid kissing a Christian before marriage.

Here are some of the most common reasons. Listed below are some of the reasons why kissing a Christian before marriage is a… Continue reading

Ever Tried an Eskimo Kiss?

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What’s an Eskimo Kiss?

If you have ever wanted to know what’s an Eskimo kiss, then read on.


The kiss is a traditional greeting gesture and is usually interpreted as a friendly gesture.

Eskimo kisses are also known as a nose kiss or even a nose rub. It is not unusual to see Eskimo kisses performed on the streets… Continue reading

What Date Should You Kiss?

what date should you kiss

Before you kiss your date, be sure to ask them if they want to kiss you and be gentle and respectful. While you are attracted to one another, you should make sure you are physically compatible with each other before moving further. It’s best to avoid kissing on your first date if you want to be safe. Moreover, kissing before… Continue reading

Kiss Your Boyfriend Romantically

kiss your boyfriend romantically

How to Kiss Your Boyfriend Romantically

Whether you’re trying to get your boyfriend’s heart or just want to spice up your relationship, learning how to kiss your boyfriend romantically can be a huge help. Here are some tips on how to make the experience a little more enjoyable. First, make sure your hands are clean. If you can, use your… Continue reading

How to French Kiss – How to Make Your First Kiss a Pleasure

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Learn how to French kiss properly. It may seem intimidating, but it’s actually much simpler than it seems. Unlike what you see on TV or in the movies, where people seem to be making out like they’re in love with each other for the first time, you can actually enjoy this intimate moment. Just remember, there are many wrong ways… Continue reading