Lolly Dating App Reviews

By Trixie May22,2023

lolly dating app reviews

Video dating profiles can be challenging to create, yet getting it right could be the key to finding your ideal match. A video can reveal more about someone’s personality, quirks, and unique charms than photos alone could do. Thus it comes as no surprise that Lolly has seen tremendous user adoption; this dating app uses short-form video content to tell your story and connect with potential matches.

The team behind this app hopes to transform online dating by taking inspiration from social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Dubbed as a cross between TikTok and Tinder, the platform encourages users to upload short videos onto their profiles that potential matches can view through vertical feeds – this way enabling users to better express themselves visually while also showing humour and creativity through short clips, according to founders Marc Baghadjian and Sacha Schermerhorn of Forbes.

Baghadjian, 21, first conceived the idea for Lolly while FaceTiming one of his potential interests from Babson College dorm room in 2018. Video dating proved itself as the future of digital dating; Lolly launched early 2021 and quickly became one of the fastest growing dating apps worldwide.

Lolly makes it easy to share your personality through video while also connecting with potential matches through Claps and Crushes – ways of showing interest that allow potential matches to know that you like them or like their profile more than any other dating app would allow them. When Clapping, others know you like them while Crushes indicate an affinity towards seeing more from them – unlike other dating apps that display names or usernames publicly, Lolly keeps these signals private so only you and your matches can see them.

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Lolly offers newcomers inspiration through examples of other users’ video dating content to inspire them when creating profiles and making the most of your experience. Once a profile has been created, its algorithm works to match you up with users who share similar interests and likely compatibility; they can also flag videos that do not comply with community guidelines so they may be reviewed by a human before being removed from Lolly.

Lolly has already attracted several high-profile Silicon Valley investors, such as former Apple CEO John Sculley and John Pleasants (former President of IAC Ticketmaster). Furthermore, Lolly is working closely with California Crescent Fund – a student run venture fund in Southern California – in its growth and community building efforts.

Lolly Dating App for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) is now available, while an Android version will launch later this year. For more information, visit; to report bugs or suggest improvements please email

By Trixie

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