Take a Dating Quiz to Get to Know Your Date Better

By Trixie Apr25,2023

dating quiz

An enjoyable way to get to know your date better and understand their relationship status is taking part in a dating quiz. Additionally, quizzes provide insights on how you can maximize the potential of your relationship.

No matter where your relationship stands, taking time out for just two of you to check in periodically with each other and see if things are progressing as desired is crucial to keeping things positive, according to licensed marriage and family therapist Ken Page, LCSW. Do this regularly!

Here are a few questions you should pose to your date in order to gain their trust and gain more insight.

What are their favorite hobbies and do they enjoy going out on dates, or preferring staying home instead?

Are they excited by the prospect of taking a vacation? Whether they prefer traveling abroad or simply taking a relaxing journey nearby, vacations offer many possibilities and should not be taken for granted.

Are they adept with money management or do they waste it on extravagant spending such as food, drinks and entertainment?

Are they capable of making you laugh? Do they belong in your family or are they simply friends of yours?

How are they staying connected with friends and family members? Do they stay in contact via text messages or phone calls?

Are they known for having a great sense of humor, are they people oriented or are they shy types?

What activities would they enjoy on a weekend getaway? Are they morning people or night owls?

Does your partner practice astrology or have any siblings, nieces and nephews?

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Are they close with both of their parents as children, with any siblings that had good relationships?

If your partner does not answer some of these questions, it might be time for an open dialogue about how serious he or she is about the relationship. Take this quiz to assess if your partner is!

What Are Your Dating Blind Spots

Everyone has certain habits or patterns of behavior which prevent them from finding love. While it can be hard to spot these tendencies on your own, this quiz can help identify them for you.

Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Relationship?

Do You Find It Difficult to Achieve Goals in Your Relationship? Perhaps your relationship has hit a rough patch? Maybe you feel unmotivated to pursue goals in your relationship – which can happen both with longstanding partners as well as newer connections. Take this test to help determine whether your current romance is on track or needs adjustments for its improvement.

Are You LOVING or LUSTING Your New Date?

Are You Curious To Determine If Love Or Lust Exists Between You Two?This quiz can help you discern whether your feelings for your new partner are genuine or merely fleeting moments of excitement.

Are You Feeling Heard By Your Partner? If your feelings of being ignored by your partner haven’t been taken seriously enough by them, perhaps now is a good time for a discussion – particularly if you are new in a relationship and just started talking.

By Trixie

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