Why Do Men Pull Away From You?

By Trixie Apr11,2023 #how to use tinder

Once you start dating a man, things usually move quickly. You exchange numbers and soon enough you’re spending nights and days together.

However, your man may start to distance himself. He might feel the relationship is progressing too quickly and needs space or want to get closer to someone else before making a commitment to you.

1. He’s afraid of losing you

Many women struggle to comprehend why men withdraw from them. Often, they attribute it to being too close or overly invested in the relationship.

If your man has suddenly stopped texting you or seems cold, there’s likely a good chance he is afraid of losing you.

He may be dealing with other stresses in his life, like a difficult job or family issues that are taking an emotional toll. These things can be overwhelming for men, so they need some space to process them.

It’s also possible that your man still feels deeply in love with you but is afraid to commit due to not understanding what commitment means. This is perfectly normal and could even serve him well if it helps him process his emotions and determine what he wants out of the relationship.

2. He’s afraid of being vulnerable

Vulnerability can be a difficult thing to accept, yet it’s an essential aspect of any healthy relationship. It allows you to open up and express your emotions with your partner – the foundation of true intimacy.

Men often fear being vulnerable, believing it to be a sign of weakness and untrustworthiness. They worry that if they open up and reveal their true emotions, they will be attacked or hurt.

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They may worry that being vulnerable makes their partner less than desirable, especially if there have been past relationships in which they felt hurt or inadequate.

Thankfully, there are ways to help combat the stigma around vulnerability and allow you to be your most authentic self in a relationship. We’ve put together some of our favorite tips on how to conquer your fear of vulnerability so you can fully open up to your man.

3. He’s afraid of change

Change can be challenging, but it’s often necessary for relationships to progress and reach new depths of love and intimacy.

Men who are fearful of change may find relief through therapy or other holistic treatments. If these methods don’t work, medication may be needed if these don’t provide relief.

Men who struggle with change often struggle to let go of an old relationship and move forward in life. They could still be grieving the rejection of their former lover or harbour unresolved anger towards her.

Men often withdraw when they sense you may suddenly stop liking them and leave them.

4. He’s afraid of conflict

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship, and men tend to be particularly sensitive to it due to their need for territory and the protection of both physical and emotional spaces.

When disagreements arise, your guy may try to avoid direct confrontation by text or email. He could also slowly distance himself from the situation by using texts and calls as a way of escape.

He fears rejection, so he avoids any conflict or disagreement, never confronting the fact that your relationship is imperfect.

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If your man is still behaving this way, it may be time for professional help from a relationship counselor. Through Relationship Hero, you can connect with an expert who can offer tailored advice on dealing with your man’s withdrawn behavior.

By Trixie

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