Dating Yourself is a Great Self-Care Practice

By Trixie May18,2023
Dating Yourself is a Great Self Care Practice
Dating Yourself is a Great Self Care Practice

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Dating can be great fun, but many may be surprised to discover that dating yourself can also be one of the most enriching forms of self-care you can engage in. Dating yourself gives you a chance to really explore yourself, discover your passions and interests, as well as cultivate independence and self-love which will carry over into any relationships in which you find yourself involved.

“Dating” has various uses: from dating artifacts or events, to informally declaring someone you’re dating; most commonly however, we use it to refer to the initial stages of romantic relationships — which is precisely how you should approach a date with yourself.

As with dating another, taking time to plan out what you want from a solo date (I like to refer to it as dating yourself) is equally as essential. This could involve researching activities or selecting an outfit that makes you feel confident and fabulous, before scheduling it into your calendar; after all, no one wants a dinner date that doesn’t happen!

As much as it may sound strange, treating yourself like you’d treat a close friend can actually be easier than you imagine – once you make the switch and establish this practice for yourself, you will quickly see how much more comfortable and fulfilled you become in yourself as well as those around you.

At the same time, this can also provide an opportunity to practice not caring what others think of you. Wearing a crop top in 50 degree weather or having Hot Pockets for dinner should not make anyone judged of you – and you have every right to do that without anyone judging or criticizing.

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Dating yourself can be an amazing way to start off a new chapter in your life. By exploring your interests and learning more about yourself, dating yourself gives you the chance to explore potential partners or relationships in the future. Additionally, try some of your date ideas out with friends or coworkers before bringing it into romantic relationships.

If you’re ready to dive in with dating yourself, here are my favorite strategies for doing just that! Just as in any relationship, commitment should go both ways; be sure to invest as much energy into yourself as you would into someone else!

By Trixie

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