How to Make Dating at Work

By Trixie Apr19,2023

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Workplace romances can often occur naturally. While this may make Monday morning less painful, there can be risks that arise that require your attention and consideration. Below are some suggestions on making workplace romance successful while avoiding common pitfalls that arise.

1) Determine your objectives before dating – serious or casual. If you don’t know exactly what you want from dating relationships, finding someone to fulfill all of your needs and wants can be extremely challenging, according to Laurie Davis Edwards, founder of eFlirt and author of Love @ First Click. This step should not be overlooked!

2. Before dating someone from work, get to know their personality and try getting to know the individual personally – this will allow you to better assess if spending time together outside of work is something that interests you.

Becoming acquainted with your coworkers before dating them can help you assess their communication styles, how they work with other people and whether you can collaborate on projects together. Furthermore, this could also help avoid some of the potential pitfalls that can come from dating at work, such as job performance issues or jealousy among co-workers.

3. Explore all of the advantages of your job – paid education, professional training courses, higher compensation levels and travel opportunities are just some of the perks your employment may bring you.

Many companies provide employees with opportunities to attend conferences, seminars and workshops free of charge; this can be an incredible asset when looking to advance their careers. Attending these events allows employees to gain experience while expanding their professional networks without incurring unnecessary expenses themselves.

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4. Keep your work and romance separate – try not to allow romance to dominate your attention during the day, otherwise staying focused at work could become awkward or impossible.

Rumor mills can quickly be detrimental to working relationships. Constant scrutiny can drive a wedge between you and your coworkers, hindering productivity.

5. Speak to Your Boss About Dating in the Workplace – It is wiser not to get involved with someone at work if there is a policy against dating at work; your boss might take issue with this development and you could face disciplinary or even termination if this violates company policies.

6. Establish a pre-date routine – A series of steps you take before each date that allow you to unwind and be yourself. This pre-date routine provides time away from work while providing the opportunity for fun with your date.

7. Draw Up Some Rules – Establishing some ground rules will help maintain an ethical balance between work and love life, and prevent any conflicts of interests from developing.

By Trixie

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