How to Start Dating in Your 30s

By Trixie May20,2023

how to start dating in your 30s

Dating at any age can be challenging, but dating in your 30s may prove particularly trying for a variety of reasons – from biological clock ticking away to feeling as if your dating pool has become more competitive than when you were younger.

Though dating in your 30s may be challenging, it’s still possible if you know how to play the game right! We consulted relationship coach, author and speaker Jordan Gray in order to assist with dating during your 30s – he shared several key tips that will help your dating life whether just beginning or seeking something serious.

1. Time Is Limited: Your time in your 30s is more valuable than ever; with work, family obligations and other commitments taking up so much of your energy it may be more difficult to find time for dead-end dates than previously. Therefore it’s wiser to invest in meaningful relationships rather than seeking one-night stands.

2. State Your Deal Breakers Clearly: Don’t settle for less than what you want in your 30s – especially dating someone who drinks too much! Be up-front about your expectations from the beginning so they respect them and avoid hurting your feelings later. If this applies to you, being upfront with potential partners about them from day one will help streamline the dating process significantly. For example, if someone drinks excessively is not desirable as an early dater, let them know early so they respect your wishes without hurting feelings and harm.

3. Love Doesn’t Expire: Don’t allow society pressures to shape your decisions when it comes to love; finding your ideal match should only come when it is right for you and not them. If you aren’t ready for commitment at 30 or marriage yet, that is fine – finding that perfect person may take longer than expected but is still fine.

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4. Game Playing Is No Longer an Option: Men and women may sometimes engage in power plays during casual dating; however, this should no longer be considered acceptable in your 30s. As adults we need to focus on creating genuine relationships instead of playing power games with one another.

5. Enjoy Your Dating Power Shift: As we age, our personalities become increasingly defined. This can be advantageous in dating because it means more likely picking a partner with similar values and interests – don’t be intimidated to bring up past experiences and life lessons when dating in your 30s!

Finding love in your 30s doesn’t need to be impossible – it just requires more hard work and patience than in earlier years. By remaining true to yourself, setting clear boundaries, and prioritizing qualities that matter most for you in a relationship, success in dating should come more easily than expected. If you need extra assistance finding success dating again, speak with a therapist for advice or seek professional guidance before trying online dating again.

By Trixie

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