Lesbian, Gay, Or Queer Wedding Vows

By Trixie Apr30,2023
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Are You Planning an LGBTQ+ Wedding Ceremony? Selecting vows that speak to both of you can be challenging when selecting wedding vows that feel right can be tricky, however there are numerous methods of crafting tailor-made vows for an LGBTQ+ wedding ceremony.

Start your research by exploring classic religious vows for guidance. Additionally, online sources offer numerous civil and gender-neutral vows as possible options.

How to Write Your Own Vows

Writing vows together can be an enjoyable and fulfilling part of wedding planning for lesbian and gay couples alike, serving as an opportunity to reflect on your relationship and craft a memorable, heartfelt ceremony that’s true to both partners.

Start by compiling a list of things you would like to say about your partner and what makes them special to you both. Use old photos, first love notes or any other keepsakes as inspiration when writing out this list.

Once you know what you want to say in your vows, begin writing them. While finding just the right words may take some time, once found it’s easy to assemble a meaningful and personal declaration.

As it’s essential that the vows reflect who you both are as individuals, it’s wise to discuss ideas with your fiance prior to writing them. Together you can decide if you want more romantic or formal vows.

Gender Neutral Vows

If you’re planning a same-sex wedding, there are ways to make it gender neutral. From using gender inclusive words in the ceremony to selecting same-sex attire, there are numerous strategies you can employ to make it more inclusive without having to sacrifice any details that matter most to you and your partner.

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Gender neutral terminology isn’t just useful for lesbian couples – it can be utilized in any situation and with any individual. Use gender neutral language when writing wedding vows, attending receptions or writing anniversary cards and networking.

If you’re searching for more obscure examples of gender neutral language, look no further than the term “bachelorx.” This popular term among non-binary and gender fluid individuals replaces gender-specific titles like Miss, Mr, or Mrs with this non-expressible term that’s useful when identity cannot be expressed directly or unknown to all parties involved.

Lesbian Vows

Writing wedding vows as an equal-sex lesbian couple or planning a gay wedding can be both emotional and challenging, as you must ensure they reflect who both of you are as individuals without becoming overly romantic or sentimental.

Start by compiling a list of all of the joyous, funny and sweet memories you wish to incorporate into your vows. If possible, write or type them down so they are easy to refer back to later when writing your words.

Voice recordings can also serve as guides during ceremonies; having someone play it for you can add more of an intimate feel.

Gay Vows

Gay wedding vows can be an excellent way to incorporate your partner’s individual character and preferences into the ceremony. Vows may be short and straightforward or more traditional depending on your wedding theme.

As you draft your gay wedding vows, make sure to address every significant part of your relationship – the reasons for getting married, how two individuals fell in love etc.

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If you’re feeling intimidated about writing your gay wedding vows, jotting down all of the wonderful memories shared together could help.

Beginning by writing down what matters most in life and then looking at examples of other wedding vows to see what resonates, you should have no trouble writing vows that reflect this and bring happiness and love into the ceremony! Hopefully you’ll be able to find ones that make your heart skip a beat!

By Trixie

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