Take the Siblings Or Dating Quiz to Find Out

By Trixie May11,2023

siblings or dating quiz

Sibling relationships are complex. From knowing more about their parents’ childhood to possessing more narcissistic tendencies, there are various factors which determine the bond between brothers and sisters worldwide. While you may know exactly how much DNA two full siblings share or understand how twins, half-siblings, or three-quarter siblings occur, some aspects of your siblingship remain mysterious to you.

Siblings or Dating has taken the internet by storm this year. Boasting over 220,000 followers on Instagram alone, users submit photos of pairs to have their followers guess if they are dating or siblings – some photos may even make it impossible to distinguish! Other photos leave people scratching their heads wondering how something so similar happened!

Twitch powerhouses Mizkif and Pokimane made an entertaining stream by taking on the challenge to be first to get all 10 guesses correct on Twitch Livestreams. Their viewers thoroughly enjoyed every second.

Are these couples dating, or just really close siblings? Take our quiz below to determine your answer, and don’t miss Extreme Sisters on Monday nights at 9/8c on CW!

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By Trixie

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