What is a Poly Relationship – Is it For You?

By Trixie Nov9,2022

what is a poly relationship is it for you

If you’re considering a polyamorous relationship, you’ll want to be clear on what you’re looking for and what to expect. It’s important to remember that you’ll be putting yourself at risk for STDs and unplanned pregnancy, so make sure you use proper protection.

Many people who are polyamorous are attracted to more than one person. They often daydream about being with many different people at once. It makes them feel suffocated when they’re only with one partner. It also makes them feel more free to be intimate with several people at once.

Some polyamorous relationships are hierarchical, which means that a primary partner is prioritized over others. This primary partner might be a long-term partner, a spouse, or a co-parent. Their secondary partners are not as closely linked to them, and may only meet their basic needs.

There are many types of polyamory, and each one is different. Some poly relationships are based on romantic relationships, while others are strictly friendships. A triad, for example, consists of three people dating each other. A quad, on the other hand, involves four or more people dating one another.

While polyamory is becoming more mainstream, many people are still unsure of what it entails. Many people are concerned that polyamory is a sign of radicalism or that polyamory means being polygamous. However, polyamory does not make a person radical.

Non-hierarchical polyamory is a form of polyamory in which one partner is not prioritised over others. This does not mean that each partner lives with all the other partners, but that all the partners are considered equally in big decisions. The primary partner may even be able to take vacations separately, but that doesn’t mean the secondary partner doesn’t get to go anywhere. However, in a polyamorous relationship, each partner must still accept the time and space limitations set by the primary partner.

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Polyamory has many names and classifications. The main ones are metamour and polyamory. In the former case, you’re the primary partner, while in the latter case, you’re the secondary partner. The primary partner may be either a metamour or a telemour, both of which are gender-neutral.

Polyamorous relationships can be challenging for both the monogamous and polyamorous partner. As with any relationship, polyamory requires commitment and time. It also requires a lot of self-reflection, as you’ll need to understand your triggers, insecurities, and past trauma. In addition, polyamorous relationships require a lot of sharing between partners.

The most challenging aspect of polyamory is communication. Polyamorous relationships are most successful when both partners communicate their needs and boundaries. You’ll need to communicate clearly and honestly with your partners to avoid conflict and misunderstandings. Also, you’ll need to be honest with each other and communicate your jealousy when necessary.

By Trixie

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