Raya Dating App Review

By Trixie May13,2023
Raya Dating App Review
Raya Dating App Review

raya dating app review

Many who have heard about raya are amazed at its impressive list of high profile users and its stringent application process. The exclusive nature of the platform attracts celebrities, influencers, CEO’s and others looking for someone compatible.

Applicant will need to fill out an in-depth questionnaire about themselves, dating preferences and life goals before being approved to use this app. Once approved, Instagram accounts are reviewed by the app to ascertain authenticity and any potential matches are assessed accordingly. Once accepted into social mode on the app you’ll have access to meet other users while work mode can help find potential work partners or clients.

Signing up through a friend referral can also speed up the approval process; just keep in mind that for this option to work effectively, they must already be members of Raya in order to support you and sponsor you. Keep in mind, however, that this takes much more time – some members have reported waiting months before their applications were finally accepted!

In order to maximize your experience on Raya, be prepared to invest a considerable amount of money. The app offers premium membership that gives access to additional features such as community directories and map views of who’s around your area as well as messaging features – plus filtering by age, location, status etc to find suitable matches!

App has a limited userbase, making approval or denial decisions time consuming and lengthy. Gendelman told The New York Times that applicants are evaluated by over 500 trusted members who act as screening committee. Depending on how influential you are this could take months or years; if your friends who already use the app could provide a “friend pass” they could help speed up the process for you.

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Reviewers who have reviewed this app poorly have mostly expressed frustrations over being denied membership or finding matches over time, though TrustPilot reviews for this app do not yet exist.

Overall, Raya is a fantastic app for people seeking like-minded connections and making lasting ones. Boasting celebrities, influencers, doctors, and other high-profile professionals – making it the ideal place for singles looking to date or network. Though its membership requirements can be difficult to fulfill at times, Raya may help find you the ideal companionship! If you’re serious about starting relationships of any sort then Raya should definitely be given some consideration!

By Trixie

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