Top 5 Dating Podcasts

By Trixie May14,2023
Top 5 Dating Podcasts
Top 5 Dating Podcasts

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There’s no shortage of podcasts that explore sex, relationships and love – not only the timeless advice and introspection found in shows like ‘The Savage Lovecast’ but also more clinical and scientific approaches such as those offered by Love Bomb or Modern Love which focus on psychology surrounding dating and love.

There are also countless comedic dating-oriented podcasts and shows. Betches Media co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid are two notable podcasters taking a lighthearted approach, but there are numerous others providing hilarious observations about modern dating life – here are a few of our favorites:

Daniel Jones and Miya Lee of The New York Times’ beloved love column take listeners on an exhilarating ride through dating world in their latest podcast. Packed full of modern love stories and candid confessions that remain as compelling as ever, don’t miss this must-listen episode for advice to navigate dating life!

This podcast takes the MTV game-show model and applies it with an emphasis on feeling. Four singles are tracked on dates arranged by producers who act as hosts, ice breakers, and Greek chorus members all at the same time. It’s an engaging listen that combines vicarious thrills of watching dates unfold with insightful advice provided to each dater to navigate them more successfully and learn from their experiences.

Squeamish and often irreverent podcast that provides unabashed advice regarding female sexuality, orgasms, fantasy role-playing and more. Hosted by two comedians with no fear in taking bold stances regarding anything related to female sexuality; no topic is off limits!

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At once insightful and hilarious, this podcast offers advice that’s both funny and relatable for dating advice that goes beyond superficial chatter. Not for the faint of heart but not afraid to tackle sensitive subjects such as toxic friendships, infidelity or post traumatic stress disorder from past relationships experiences, this one doesn’t shy away from difficult topics like toxic friendships or infidelity – which other dating podcasts seem afraid to broach.

Nancy stands as one of the leading voices of modern LGBTQ culture with grace and style, carrying an important torch with great humor. Her candid discussions of coming out, sexual toys and growing up trans can be both heartfelt and funny – not only is it necessary, but her podcast provides invaluable support to queer individuals trying to find love in an increasingly unforgiving modern world.

By Trixie

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